Cast Nylons Molded Shapes / Custom Cast Shapes

Cast Nylons Molded Shapes / Custom Cast Shapes



Our process for NEAR NET SHAPE CASTINGS involves putting molten material directly into a tool to make a type 6 nylon shape, offering an overall more cost-effective process than machining or molding parts from other materials. NYCAST Near Net Shapes are offered in our full line of formulations.



Custom Cast Sheaves offer equipment designers advantages in reduced component weight, improved wire rope life, and protection against corrosion.

Other benefits include:

  • Low set-up costs
  • Large cross-section geometry possible
  • Simple or complex shapes
Custom Casting

  • Pipe upto 2 Mtr Length
  • Bush dia upto 1400mm 
  • Disc upto 1400mm Dia
    (Subject to customised Requirements)