There are numerous advantages of a MLON sheave or pulley over conventional steel or iron sheaves.

These advantages include :

  • Lightweight
    MLON Sheaves are 1/8th the weight of steel or iron sheaves. This improves the lifting capabilities of mobile and fixed boom cranes and eases installation.
  • Longer Rope Life
    MLON Monomer Cast Sheaves are better suited to the “on again, off again” loading typical for this application.  With enhanced material memory and resiliency, the rope grooves will flex under the load of the rope providing increased support to the rope.
  • Increased Loads
    The arm weight of telescoping cranes is decreased because MLON Sheaves are lighter.  Also, MLON Sheaves flex under the load of the rope increasing the contact area between the rope and groove which increases load capacity.
  • Decreased Operating Costs
    With lubricated grades of MLON Cast Nylon, the need for regular lubrication can be reduced or omitted.
  • Corrosion Resistant
    MLON Cast Nylon Sheaves will not rust or corrode.