Please call with your specific needs as we may have stock items not listed that are applicable. We can also custom pour shapes to meet your particular engineering requirements.

General Sizes Available

Cast Nylon Tubes:

Lengths1050 mm & 2000 mm
OD50mm to 600mm

Cast Nylon Rods:

OD10mm – 300mm10mm – 600mm10mm – 500mm

Cast Nylon Plate / Sheet :

L x W300mm x 300mm600mm x 600mm1000mm x1000mm1000mm x 500mm600mm x 1200mm650mm x 1500mm1400mm x 1400mm1000mm x 2000mm
THK6mm- 200mm6mm – 200mm6mm – 100mm6mm – 100mm6mm – 100mm6mm – 100mm10mm – 70mm10mm – 70mm

Cast Nylon Discs & Rings:

OD200mm- 1300mm
THK20mm- 300mm
Custom Casting

  • Pipe upto 2 Mtr Length
  • Bush dia upto 1400mm 
  • Disc upto 1400mm Dia
    (Subject to customised Requirements)